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Sax Love by Michal Urbaniak „Sax Love” – płyta, która jest walentynkowym prezentem Michała Urbaniaka dla wszystkich zakochanych. CD z tym materiałem w milionowym nakładzie ukazało się 19 lat temu razem z Gazetą Wyborczą. Wielbiciele muzyki Urbaniaka pisali e-maile i listy

Experimental, but full of charm and great melodies, jazz from the early 1970s. Michał Urbaniak recorded this album shortly after he won the first prize at the prestigious international festival in Swiss Montreux! And 20 years later, the same songs sampled

A real treat for fans of Polish music. Michał Urbaniak - jazzman, international renowned violinist, saxophonist, composer, arranger, discoverer of young talents, a Polish "world citizen" in 1986, joined forces with Czesław Niemen. Their musical meeting resulted in the album "Extravaganza" and the daring version of "Pod Papugami".

Miles of Blue is a tribute to Miles Davis made by the famous polish violinist and saxophonist Michal Urbaniak. This is an exclusive double edition of vinyl, on which you will find outstanding artists like Herbie Hancock, Bernard Wright, Marcus Miller, Lenny White, Tom Browne and more.