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Michael Patches Stewart


Michael Patches Stewart

Born in New Orleans – the Birthplace of Jazz

If you have heard Michael “Patches” Stewart play his instrument, it will come as no surprise to learn he was born and raised in the city where Jazz was born — New Orleans, Louisiana. He fell in love with the trumpet at a very young age, but did not have the opportunity to study music until he reached middle school. It was during his high school years that he acquired the nickname “Patches” – from his habit of following the then–current fashion trend of wearing patches on blue jeans. Undeniably talented, his focus on mastering the trumpet prompted him to seek opportunities to hone his skills outside the high school classroom. This included additional music lessons at a ocal college and of course, listening and learning from the incredible pool of local talent found throughout New Orleans. Gigs in local bands followed, providing early stage experience playing school dances and small clubs; even the occasional “road tour” during summer vacations. His reputation around New Orleans grew and at the age of 16 he was offered an opportunity to fill-in during a session — his first time in a recording studio. It turned out to be the horn section session for LaBelle’s international hit “Lady Marmalade.”